International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The United Nations designated 27th January as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The date marks the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps in 1945.

Starting in 1939, the Nazi government ordered all Jewish people to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing.  This could isolate Jews from the rest of society and made it easier for them to be identified and targeted.  From 1938 to 1940 thousands of Jewish children were sent to England from Germany to keep them safe.

Millions lost their lives in the holocaust.  The exact numbers are not known because many of those killed were never written down. These numbers are what most thinkers agree on:

Jews: 5.1 – 6 million, including Polish Jews (3 – 3.5 million)

Ethnic Poles (1.8 – 2 million)

Romani/Roma people (200,000 to 800,000)

Disabled people (200,000 – 250,000)

Homosexuals (22,000 – 25,000)

Jehovah’s Witnesses (950 – 2,500)

Of the 6 million Jewish people who were murdered in the holocaust, 1.5 million were children.

Let us remember and never forget.

On Wednesday 26th January we held a whole-school assembly in remembrance of holocaust victims.  Our school notice boards also displayed relevant information.

Today our Senior 3 students will be taken on a virtual tour of the Yad Vashem Museum, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, with a special focus on children in the holocaust.

Sincere thanks to Her Excellency Dr Cecilia Attard-Pirotta, Ambassador to Israel, Ms Noam Gitin and Ms Mireille Pace Ross for making the experience possible.