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“The principal aim of a Convent School is often considered to be solely the imparting of secular knowledge. I endeavour to impress on the Sisters that their chief ambition should be the implanting of a deep and extensive knowledge of religion and the duties it involves” – Saint Emilie de Vialar

Spiritual Values

  • To be familiar with the spiritual patrimony of St Emilie and share it with others;
  • To witness to the tenderness of God in our everyday life;
  • To respect values and beliefs different from our own in our everyday life;
  • To second Divine Providence.

Human Values

  • To be of service to each person, to respect his/her dignity and take into account all his/her spiritual, physical, psychological and socio-cultural needs;
  • To help each person discover his/her talents and potentialities, to achieve an aim in life;
  • To give personal attention to each one: to instil self-confidence, trust and a sense of commitment;
  • To show concern for the less privileged: to give special attention to persons with material, psychological and moral difficulties;
  • To make sure that each person is accepted and loved;
  • To offer young people an experience of life founded on gospel values.

Co-Responsibility & Solidarity

  • To assure one’s responsibility for the mission;
  • To encourage dialogue and team spirit amongst the personnel;
  • To develop a healthy collaboration at all levels for a better service;
  • To encourage dialogue and solidarity between the different schools in our Province.

Competence & Adaptation

  • To encourage an on-going formation at all levels;
  • To update our schools regularly… to answer to new needs;
  • To be ready to take risks and accept changes for a better service;
  • To evaluate periodically the objectives of the school;
  • To cherish the patrimony handed down by the Congregation and take initiatives to develop and enhance it.