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Praying Together

The Prayer Space supports different aspects of the National Curriculum, Religious Education and the values of the school. Practically this has involved the transformation of the chapel tribune with colourful curtains, lighting, bean bags and different activities every fortnight. These activities are centered around different aspects of Christian prayer and encourage the students to think and reflect on their own lives and wider world issues from a spiritual perspective in a calm environment.

All students are encouraged to use the space in a way that best suits them, whether that is through quiet reflection or prayer. Students who wish to simply use their time in the Prayer Space to relax and think, can do so.

An exciting aspect of the Prayer Space is the fact that, as time progresses, the character and appearance of the space will begin to change as the students write and draw their different reflections and prayers.

The students have the opportunity to visit the prayer space during the school day: in the morning before the lessons, during the break, and during free lessons.

Here, one can find the different themes which may aid in your daily thoughts.