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The Association was set up, in October 2001, through the initiative of a group of enterprising past pupils from various years who felt the need and desire to set up an association which will enhance and maintain past friendships and support the missionary work of the Sisters of St. Joseph, both locally and overseas.

The main objectives of the Association, according to its statute, are:-

To promote sympathy of thought and co-operation among other members;

To promote the educational, cultural and social values which were so dear to St. Emilie;

To enhance family life;

To help the homes in Malta and in the missions run by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

The Association is a non-profit making organisation run by voluntary members who stand for nomination and are elected every two years during the Association’s Biennal General Election. 

All past pupils of St. Joseph School, Sliema, are most welcome to join the Association by completing and submitting the relevant Membership Form (for a copy of the form email famabela@maltanet).

We also encourage members to submit their nomination to stand for election to the Committee and dedicate a little of their time and energy in helping us organise the various activities and reach our objectives (for a copy of the form email

The main activities organised by the Committee, from year to year, are the well attended Morning of Spirituality held during Lent, The Crowning of Our Lady in the month of May and aRemembrance Mass  held in November.  We also organise entertaining and social events such as the ever popular Quiz Nights and Pasta Nights.  From year to year we endeavour to organise and hold other activities of general interest.

The number of subscribed members in the Association varies from year to year with an annual average of around 250 and a mailing list of over 600 past pupils.

Contact us today for more information on how you too can join the Association and have the chance to meet up with “old” school friends and make new acquaintances, besides helping a very noble cause.

For further details send an email to Mariella Abela nee Grech (Class of 1978) at

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Association.