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Chess Club

The idea of setting up a Chess Club in school came to me two years ago.  Whilst correcting exam scripts I realised that students seemed to lack adequate thinking and reasoning skills.  How could I teach these, and other beneficial skills, not only for use in exams, but for life?  I am not a professional chess player, but the game has helped me develop many skills over the years.

Chess is an intriguing, complex and strategic game that requires concentration and focus, patience, sportsmanship, perseverance, and critical thinking. Chess helps in acquiring planning skills by thinking ahead about possible moves and choosing between multiple options. Hence, the chess player learns decision-making skills, realising that for every move there can be positive or negative consequences.

All of the skills the chess player learns are in fact life skills too; our students can enjoy chess and hopefully learn life skills to better handle what life gives.

I organise Chess Club during break every Monday together with Mr David Deguara, and all students are welcome.  The school chess sets have been sponsored by the PTA.

Mr Franco Camilleri

This is what some students had to say about Chess Club:

“Every Monday I look forward to playing Chess and having fun with friends ? It has helped me to focus and concentrate.”  Ella Pullicino

“Tiring Mondays have turned into happy Mondays because of Chess club! ?”  Marija Agius

“I like going to Chess club because it is a moment for me to participate in a fun match against my friends and I always look forward to it.” Francesca Bianchi

“I have fun at Chess club. It helps me relax and have a fun match with my friends.” Sarah O’Connor

“I did not know how to play chess and I initially thought that it was difficult and boring. I gradually learnt how to play and I really enjoy it. My friends and I always look forward to Chess club on Monday!” Michela Migneco

“I thought it would be really boring, but it is so much fun!” Bika Formosa

“I really enjoy playing Chess against other people and I love having to concentrate and put all my attention on the game. It gives me a chance to play because I do not get any time to play at home.”  Asiya Gendron