Donate Hair, Donate Hope: Thank you!

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Donate Hair, Donate Hope: Thank you!

Donate Hair, Donate Hope: Thank you!

Thursday 17th December was ‘Hair Donation Day’ in school, thanks to the support of Dean Gera salons and our girls, and I am so glad it was a success. Many people have watched a loved one go through cancer treatment, or have gone through cancer treatment themselves, and one may feel an urge to give back. Hair can play a major role in one’s self-image.

By donating your hair, you can help cancer patients feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, cancer changes your physical appearance and therefore, wearing a wig can help people feel better about themselves.

Helping someone get better is beyond us. However, we can always try make others feel happier and more pleased with their physical appearance.

Having lived through the rigors of cancer myself, and being unable to help someone in pain, I can confirm that physical appearance plays a difference in one’s determination to keep on going. Hair to us can be trivial, but to those who really need it, it may be essential.

Together we can make a difference to someone’s life! #donatehairdonatehope

Once again, I’d like to thank the SMT who were on-board with the idea from the very beginning, Dean Gera, who accepted instantly once approached, and the students who were courageous enough to donate their hair! Organising a ‘Hair Donation Day’ has always been a dream of mine and today, thanks to all of you, it became a reality!

Ms Ilona Zammit