Ekoskola Community Action Day

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Ekoskola Community Action Day

Ekoskola Community Action Day

On Friday 30th April, all students in the Senior School paused for one lesson to
celebrate Community Day. The purpose of this day was to promote a sustainable lifestyle which
attempts to reduce our impact on the Earth’s natural resources and decrease the effect of our
ecological footprint.

Students followed a power point presentation with their class teachers and were encouraged to
reflect on how each one of us can make small adaptations to our lifestyle to support our planet.
The emphasis was on the word “I”, meaning what I can do. Each class was given the task to
discuss together ideas of how each student may make that difference to our planet and, as a
class, make a pledge towards each student committing to one small, doable task. We believe
that individual actions do make a difference to our environment and the living creatures and
plants who share it with us!

Each class engaged in a discussion and then proceeded to write their pledge on used carton
paper. This was displayed in class as a reminder of their pledge to our Earth. The activity was
met with much enthusiasm and three winning classes were declared instead of one!

The winning classes were the following:
Form 2 Alpha who pledged to make better use of paper by using both sides,
Form 3 Beta who committed to bring their families on board and have a diet based on local
produce and
Form 4 A who committed themselves to reduce the use of plastics, particularly single-use

Each of these classes enjoyed an ice-cream to celebrate their achievement. We are sure that
likewise our environment will benefit from the pledges of our students!