Fast-Fashion Survey Results

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Fast-Fashion Survey Results

Fast-Fashion Survey Results

The Ekoskola committee would like to express its gratitude to all those who answered the ‘Fast Fashion’ survey.

The majority of respondents were females whose ages varied between 31 and 45 years. The results show that a large proportion of participants purchase clothes seasonally, from local shops and, when purchasing these clothes; the price, style and quality of the garments are taken into consideration. When disposing of clothes, the biggest number of respondents donate clothes either to friends and family or to charity shops.

After analysing the results of this survey, the committee feels the need to:

i) raise awareness about the environmental impact of the textile industry; especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and water usage.
ii) raise awareness about the importance of Charity or Thrift shops.
iii) help organise an activity to enable the acquisition of sewing skills amongst members of our school community so that these would be able to upcycle or repurpose their old clothes.