Senior 2 Lenten Morning

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Senior 2 Lenten Morning

Senior 2 Lenten Morning

Senior 2s had their Lenten morning at the beginning of March. The girls were divided into two groups. The first group was in the church for the first session and the second group was in the hall for the second session and then they had to swap. In the first session, a play was presented by a group of Chaplaincy Sen II girls. Since the theme was ‘Being Christ’s witnesses’, the girls presented a real life situation in which they had to share their faith and be like Christ. A discussion followed. Then, the students watched a short film about a boy named Stephen. In the second session, another group of Chaplaincy Sen II girls prepared a game for their friends, as well as a presentation about being a true young Christian in today’s world.
After the two sessions, all the girls had their break outside The Point shopping mall and spent some quality time together. After break, the girls were divided into smaller groups and had a discussion about the short film in relation to their life, followed by mass celebrated by Fr Chris Caruana. His reflections were so encouraging and challenging. Sr Riches was present during the Lenten morning too.
This lenten morning was a memorable one thanks to all the teachers involved and to all the chaplaincy girls.  Photo credits: Ms Ruth Bellizzi.
Hannah Cachia had this to say about the morning:

“This was a great experience, and lots of fun, because we learned how to be better Christians and we learned more about Jesus.

I enjoyed doing the activities and creating a short play to spread the message  that doing something small, just like visiting a friend with a broken leg instead of going to the cinema, can change that person’s day.

The activities we prepared showed a lot of examples of how to live a better Christian life, by for example going to mass, teaching the word of God, believing in God no matter what, and of course praying to Jesus.”