Senior 3 Lenten Morning

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Senior 3 Lenten Morning

Senior 3 Lenten Morning

For all of us, Senior 3 students, Wednesday was a day to remember.

After hearing mass at Nazzarenu Church, we moved next door to the Dominican Convent, where we were then split up into small groups. Games located around the convent were eagerly awaiting us. Ms Abigail Pace has surely taken a lot of time to come up with a variety of activities, all of which included a religious reflection where we were challenged to answer questions related to how our faith may grow. Therefore, while we were having a blast together, a religion lesson was discreetly inserted into the picture.

We surely cannot forget our memorable break held outside The Point Shopping Mall, where thanks to a ball borrowed from one of the activity stations, we could spend some more quality time together. Although the sun was hiding behind massive, grey clouds, it was not missed as all the smiles seen that day surely made up for it! This break was a very special one, and I am certain that all the Senior 3s will cherish it for the rest of their school days.

After returning to the convent, a reflection was carried out before calling it a day and start walking back to school.

On behalf of the senior 3s, I would like to thank the Dominican convent for allowing us to spend our day on their premises. More thanks go to all our teachers and LSEs who have patiently suffered our high-pitched voices during this Lenten activity. Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank Ms Abigail Pace for having spared no effort to make our Lenten morning a truly memorable one!

Maegan Friggieri

Senior 3 A

Photo credit: Ms Elizabeth Dimech Ghirxi