SJS Choir Summer Reunion

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SJS Choir Summer Reunion

SJS Choir Summer Reunion

On Wednesday the 20th of September, the SJS Choir enthusiastically met up for an end of summer evening meal. The event was organised by the choir teachers and the much-awaited evening arrived for our lively group of choir girls together with a few former Senior 5 choir students.

The air inside the restaurant was bubbling with excitement, as a dozen beaming faces hastily walked towards our table. The enjoyable evening simply flew by as the girls incessantly exchanged constant laughs and numerous updates and anecdotes from their summer holidays.

We all agreed that it was lovely just to sit and admire this promising group of talented young girls growing closer as a team. A group in which they do not only enjoy forming part of, but one in which they also find joy in giving and sharing their musical capabilities and efforts with our entire school community.

This was our first attempt at organising an outside school Choir get together and we honestly missed the rest of the choir members who couldn’t be present for the evening, but more future events will definitely follow.

We now look forward to a fun packed year of SJS Choir activities and school events and the girls cannot wait to welcome new Senior 1 members into our Choir family.

Our end of summer meal served as a great way to immerse ourselves into the new school year and also, as Chanel, one of our choir girls mentioned in a message of thanks, ‘it was a perfect end to our summer holidays’.


Ms. Margaret Vella

Ms. Kayleigh Schembri

Ms. Mariella Catania