Student Participation in an Erasmus+ Project

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Student Participation in an Erasmus+ Project

Student Participation in an Erasmus+ Project

Five past and present students from our school are presently participants in an Erasmus+ Transnational Youth Initiatives: Exchange of Good Practices project led by youth group Dyslexic Teens Dialogue of Malta in partnership with Dis…correre youth group of Italy, reference 2019-3-MT01-KA205-074043.
This project is a 36-month collaboration which kicked-off in February 2020 and is now in phase of conclusion. The aim of the project is to bring together mixed ability youth from Malta and Italy to identify and exchange best practices in learning from the worlds of formal and non-formal education through 8 transnational meetings held in both countries.  The youth participants have since explored the benefits of developing metacognitive skills, critical thinking skills and using study/learning methods and tools.  Through a collaboration with our school, the tool for emotional wellbeing, Year in Pixels, was developed to support young people through the difficult months of the Covid-19 pandemic. This leaflet was adapted to form part of our school diary for 2021/2022. Additionally, a dedicated website containing a repository of good practices was also developed so best practices could remain available for the benefit of educators, youth workers and students:
The students from our school who are participants in this Erasmus+ project are Christa Borg Parnis, Clarice Bartolo, Emma Manicaro, Lea Sammut, and Maegan Friggieri.  They described their participation and experience in their own words below and this is what they wished to share.

Christa : This Erasmus experience was very interesting and educationally enriching. I enjoyed it quite a lot as I learnt new things and met many new people whom I immediately befriended. I also broadened my knowledge of the Italian culture through this project. If I had to be asked to join another Erasmus+ group in the future, I would most definitely join as this experience was one to treasure and remember.

Clarice : The project has been a really informative and helpful as it has shown me various ways of learning with a more enjoyable twist rather than how we learn things at school. in the process of all this, I keep on meeting new people and make more friends along the way especially since it’s in collaboration with the Italian team from Molfetta. It has opened up many doors for more future experience as I only needed that push to encourage me further and explore more opportunities with ERASMUS+. This is turning out to become an experience I will surely cherish and always remember.

Emma : This has been an amazing journey so far and I am forever grateful that I was given the opportunity to be part of the group back in 2019. This project is an interesting and enjoyable learning experience that will forever have a special place in my heart. Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic and online meetings, we still managed to get a lot of things done and bond together. I truly recommend Erasmus+ to everyone as it is a great opportunity to develop as a person, meet new people, make new friends and express yourself.

Lea : This Erasmus experience was definitely a unique one. I enjoyed it very much and learnt a ton. I made so many new friends. I hope that in the future I will find another project just as amazing as this one.

Maegan : There are no words to explicitly describe how honoured and grateful I feel to have been part of this wonderful journey. Safe to say that I have learnt new things and developed new skills, (especially public speaking skills which were thoroughly taught by Mr Kenny Muscat, and Italian by Ms Ilaria Labbate) which I would not have gained elsewhere. Through both the Italy and Malta weeks I made wonderful new friends and experiences which I surely will never forget!  I give a massive thanks to our coordinator, who encouraged me to join and has supported me and been an inspiration along the way, essentially being the catalyst for an experience which undoubtedly has found itself in a special place in my heart.