Art Students’ Visit to Muza & Spazju Kreattiv

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Art Students’ Visit to Muza & Spazju Kreattiv

Art Students’ Visit to Muza & Spazju Kreattiv

The late artists Isabelle Borg and Giorgio Preca were two local painters who left an impact on the local art scene through their bold use of brushwork and vivacious use of colour. The art students had the opportunity to view their work, as well as that of other artists, when they were taken on a cultural outing to Valletta yesterday.


The first stop was MUZA where the Giorgio Preca exhibition is currently on show with a repertoire of the Rome-based, Maltese artist’s work. Following this, a tour around the museum allowed the students insight into the national collection of Art in Malta, featuring works by pioneers in the local and Mediterranean art world such as Willie Apap, Mary de Piro, Antonio Sciortino, Mattia Preti and Giuseppe Cali.


Later, a visit to Spazju Kreattiv introduced the girls to one of the leading female artists Malta has seen in the past century, Isabelle Borg, whose retrospective of works titled ‘The Streak’ shows a variety of themes, subjects, and techniques. The students seemed to be rather inspired by her work, and throughout their tour of the exhibition, there was a sense of longing to have known this magnificent creative and the stories behind her works.


The morning was a successful and enjoyable one, featuring some moments of reflection, observation and sketching, and the yearning to know more about the oeuvre of art Malta has to offer. We look forward to more opportunities like this in the near future!

Ms Alison Portelli Shaw

Art Teacher