Marian Pilgrimage & Class Picnics

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Marian Pilgrimage & Class Picnics

Marian Pilgrimage & Class Picnics

Last Thursday, 31st October, the whole school set out on a Marian pilgrimage to mark the Marian month of October.

The morning began with an entertaining assembly coordinated by Ms Abigail Pace and a group of Senior 2 girls in which they danced to some songs from the musical ‘Sister Act’.

Later in the morning, the girls arrived at Pembroke Parish Church where mass was celebrated by Fr Reuben Cilia and was prepared by all the fifth formers with the help of Ms Abigail and Ms Mariella Catania, who took care of the choir.

Mass was followed by class picnics and country walks in the rural area of Pembroke where the girls were accompanied by teachers, LSE’s and class teachers.  Class photos with a creative twist were also posed for.

The weather was more than favourable and the whole school had both a pleasant morning that was both spiritual and enjoyable.

Ms Ruth Bellizzi